Clyde Valley Tomatoes

Clyde Valley Tomatoes have been making quite a splash in both the local and national media as their first crop comes to market. The Clyde Valley used to be an intensive market gardening area but it is over 40 years since anyone has grown tomatoes on a large scale here but that has now changed with the launch of Clyde Valley Tomatoes. The company are expecting to produce around 100 tonnes of tomatoes this year so much of this will be sold through traditional retail outlets but as you can see here they are also to be found at the local farmers markets and encouraged by the recent publicity and a wonderful variety of super fresh and ripe tomatoes the stall, the ultimate in specialisation, was doing a very brisk trade last Saturday at the farmers market in Partick with a constant queue of people waiting to be served. For more information visit: Clyde Valley Tomatoes

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Clyde Valley Tomatoes

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