Williams Brothers Brewery, Alloa 

The Williams Brothers Brewery in Alloa is Scotland’s largest craft brewery making an ever increasing number of fine beers and ales ranging form the heather ale, Fraoch, the beer that gave rise to the brewery some 22 years ago; look out for the celebration brew at a staggering (literally?) 11% alcohol, through to such exotically named brews as “7 Giraffes” (soon to be followed by “2 Pandas” given their proximity to Edinburgh Zoo?!), “March of the Penguins” (there seems to be a theme developing here!) but not to forget “Ceilidh 90”, “Kelpie”, “Harvest Sun”, “Birds and Bees” and many more, though my personal favourites remain the original “Fraoch”, “Grozet” and Alba (for a full listing visit the Williams Brothers web site). It is really great to see a local brewer being recognised and taken up by the major supermarkets including Morrison’s and Tesco’s.​

The bottle washer shot (row 3 right hand side) was shortlisted in the Professional Photographer section of the EEF ‘Made in Britain’ Photography Awards 2012

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Labelling 7 Giraffes IPA

Williams Brothers Brewery, Alloa, Scotland

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